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Massages and Pricing 

Cranial Massage: A gentle massage that relieves stress, tension headaches, anxiety, sinusitis, and neck and shoulder tightness. Areas of focus include the scalp, face, para-nasal sinuses, and neck and shoulder muscles. $39 ​SALE

Stretch Session:A sixty minute session where we will work to ease muscle tension. The stretches will also help improve to improve vigor, flexibility, and performance. $60.

Relaxation Massage: This massage is very light and gentle.  It can ease muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and range of motion. The goal for this massage is to cause one to relax overall. $60.

Deep Tissue Massage:  A type of massage that works at the deeper tissue of the muscle. More intense than relaxation massages and more concentrated. The Massage Therapist works to release severe muscle tension.$75.

Sports Massage: This massage is unique because the therapist works based on what demands were placed on the body due to the clients specific sport. The goal of this massage is to get the client back to optimal health to perform in his/her sport. $75.

Swedish Massage: A type of relaxation massage that includes various techniques such as long stokes, vibration, percussion, tapping, friction, and shaking motions. $75.

Pregnancy Massage:  A mix of both Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massages. Each trimester comes with different techniques the Therapist will use. First semester the therapist will work to relax to body overall. During the second trimester the therapist may focus on the upper region, but mainly the lower region. If the client is in her third trimester the therapist will try to loosen tight muscles in the lower region to prepare client for birth.   $75.

Hot Stone Massage:Also a type of Relaxation Massage. The therapist will incorporate Hot stones to relax and ease muscle tension along with damaged soft tissue. $75.

CBD Infused Massage:Any massage technique can be applied. The massage therapist uses the client's chosen massage type along with Halcyon Essentials CBD products. $80.

Medical Massage W/ Stretch: During this massage the Massage therapist applies pressure to and uses broad strokes in treatment areas to reduce stress and relieve muscle tension. $90.